Communication software
for autonomous vehicles

Terranet develop software for advanced driver assistance systems, ADAS, and autonomous vehicles including some of the key technologies for self driving cars, trucks and buses. The technology enables communication and information exchange between vehicles and other objects such as cellphones and connected buildings with exact positioning supported by 5G.

Rights issue
October 2019

The development of autonomous vehicles is one of the fastest growing markets of today, yet we are just in the beginning of the era of self driving cars. TerraNet is well positioned to match the increasing demand for autonomous systems to support the industry of self driving cars. To scale our business we carry out a rights issue in October 2019 to strengthen the financials.



Terranet has signed a cooperation agreement with Halmstad University, AstaZero and other major industrial partners for the development of functionality for collision warning in intersections. SafeSmart, as the project is called, is funded by the Knowledge Foundation. The collaboration aims...
Lund, Sweden- Terranet, a leading provider of positioning and communications software for autonomous driving vehicles, today licensed 3D Motion Perception (Computer Vision) patents from Gerard “Dirk” Smits.  Together with Dirk as an independent consultant, Terranet will jointly promote this technology...
Today Terranet will demonstrate a vulnerable road user app at Kista Mobility Day, an event organized by Ericsson, in partnership with Stockholm City, Urban ICT Arena, Drive Sweden and Viable Cities. Terranet will demonstrate capabilities specifically in the area of...

The technology

One of the most important technologies that enables positioning for autonomous systems is GNSS, Global Navigation Satellite System. With our technology, vehicles can determine and communicate position, direction and speed between each other even when GNSS may be unavailable. Terranet’s embedded software module for Vehicle to vehicle communication  is based on a patented non-GNSS algorithm for cooperative positioning between vehicles on the road. Thanks to this wireless communication technology, vehicles can understand where they are in relation to one another which combined with multi-hop technology enables better situational awareness in difficult situations.


As a complement, Terranet develops 5G algorithms to increase bandwidth and lower latency etc. resulting in absolute positioning.

Areas of use

The technology can be integrated into vehicles, intelligent transportation system in environments such as mines, warehouses and fun parks. In parallell, we explore new use cases for our technology, one of them is collision warning systems vulnerable road users, VRU:s, and virtual experiences for passengers.

Increased safety

We see great potential for autonomous system technologies, especially when it comes to new mobility trends and the booming market for electric vehicles. The use of electric scooters has skyrocketed in the past year which means that a demand for a way to increase safety has occurred. The safety question is crucial for the survival of the scooter. One of the solutions is to have to vehicles communicate with their traffic environment via an autonomous system which alerts the driver when he or she is located in a high risk zone – A technology very familiar to TerraNet

TerraNet’s vision is to contribute to a reduced number of traffic accidents through software development, as well as consulting services and system integration, for positioning and intelligent communication for self-driving vehicles.