A life-saving technology

Terranet develops software for advanced driver-assisted systems and supplies the technology behind next generation’s autonomous vehicles. Using lightning-fast 3D technology, VoxelFlow™ scans an area with a radius of 40 metres around the vehicle and reacts in five milliseconds. This can be compared to the 300 milliseconds of today’s ADAS systems.

Reacting ten times faster

VoxelFlow provides the car with lightning-fast sensor technology, so it can detect what’s in front of it and act accordingly – in five milliseconds. Compared to today’s ADAS systems, it shortens the braking distance with 5,4 metres when the vehicle is travelling at 70 km/h. VoxelFlow cuts the reaction distance from 6 metres to 6 centimetres.

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The future is driverless

Today, 94% of all traffic accidents are caused by human error. Regardless how good drivers we consider ourselves, technology outperforms us. It is better at organising traffic flows, it is better at predicting scenarios and it reacts faster. On the basis of this, the number of autonomous vehicles are expected to grow by 20% annually up to 2030. And as autonomous vehicles become more dominant, we can look forward to a reduced number of traffic accidents.

Agile software

Today, VoxelFlow is used in everything from vehicles to intelligent transport systems in mines and warehouses. Terranet is currently researching more areas of use, such as collision alert systems for cyclists, pedestrians and other at-risk road users. Furthermore, we continuously cooperate with other players in the business to actively improve safety, and constantly refine the software to align with industry developments. Transformation of transport systems and digitalisation are happening fast, which puts high demands on agile software.


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VoxelFlow provides the car with lightning-fast sensor technology, so it can detect what’s in front of it and act accordingly – in three milliseconds.