Terranet is on a mission to save lives in urban traffic

Terranet was founded in 2004 and since 2018 we develop breakthrough tech solutions for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Vehicles (AV) that protect vulnerable road users. Terranet is based in Lund, Sweden, and in the heart of the European automotive industry in Stuttgart, Germany. The company is listed on Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market since 2017 (Nasdaq: TERRNT-B).

BlincVision up to ten times faster than today’s ADAS-systems

With a unique patented vision technology, Terranet’s anti-collision system BlincVision laser scans and detects road objects up to ten times faster and with higher accuracy than any other ADAS technology available today. In addition, BlincVision has an AI-based ability to distinguish between different types of objects moving on the road, so that the vehicle can act according to what the situation requires. Behind the system is VoxelFlow™, Terranet’s patented software for advanced four-dimensional image analysis of moving objects.

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Road accidents must be reduced

Road safety continues to be a priority for decision-makers and authorities around the world. The EU has a vision to achieve zero road fatalities by 2050 (Vision Zero), and both the EU and the UN wants to reduce the number of road accidents by 50% by 2030. Safer cars and the development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, so-called ADAS, are an important piece of the puzzle to increase safety in traffic.

BlincVision – part of the solution

Available ADAS systems that are based on radar, lidar, ultrasound or camera technologies lacks sufficiently fast detection and reaction capabilities to ensure safety for pedestrians and cyclists in dense and varied traffic. In a busy city, a millisecond can be the difference between an accident occurring or not. Where existing ADAS technologies are primarily developed to protect road users from colliding with each other, BlincVision can provide safety for everyone else who moves in city traffic. BlincVision reacts faster and with higher precision than any other ADAS today and thus has the capability to become a complementary ADAS solution that saves lives in complicated urban traffic environments

With lightning-fast 4D technology, Terranet’s BlincVision system laser scans a radius of 30 meters in front of the vehicle and reacts faster than in 10 milliseconds when an object is detected on the road.