Technology for safer roads

TerraNet designs and develops software for advanced driver-assisted systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicle and self-driving fleets, trucks and buses. The technology enables communication between vehicles and other objects, such as mobile phones and connected buildings, with low latency and high-accuracy positioning.


VoxelFlow is a disruption in laser scanning triangulation that provides the car with lightning fast sensor technology – so that it really understands what it has in front of it, and can act accordingly.

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Pär-Olof Johannesson, CEO at Terranet, about VoxelFlow.

The Technology

An autonomous vehicle is equipped with sensors to provide a 360° view. Several technologies are needed in the composition of a self-driving car, including radio positioning, radar, LIDAR, GPS, camera, ultrasound and more. TerraNet develops software for collision warning, and optimizing positioning mechanisms for simultaneous localization and navigation of connected and interconnected vehicles, with low latency and high accuracy.

A booming industry

Self-driving vehicles are predicted to reach an annual growth rate of 20% by 2030*. It is a paradigm shift resulting from today’s high number of traffic accidents, 94% of which are caused by human error. With an increase of autonomous vehicles, we will see a significant reduction of traffic accidents. TerraNet is well positioned in the ecosystem of this industrial revolution.

Agile development and Active Safety

The technology can be used in different settings, from automated vehicles to intelligent transportation systems in a variety of environments, including industrial mining. In parallel, TerraNet conducts research on new uses for the technology. One of these is collision warning systems for vulnerable road users. To meet increasing demands in the industry, we are continuously developing partnerships with industry leaders and component suppliers of active safety systems for car manufacturers.


Lund, Sweden, January 8, 2020 - Terranet AB (Terranet/the Company), (Nasdaq: TERRNT-B.ST), developers of advanced driver-assist systems and the creators of breakthrough 3D motion awareness technology VoxelFlow, today received a 31,000 EUR purchase order from Daimler Mercedes-Benz. "We look forward...
"The lack of involvement from the present administration seems minor, but when you compare it to the EU, which has mandated that all cars include ADAS features by 2022, the US appears to be lagging behind.” observes P.O. Johannesson, Chief...
2020 has been a year of uncertainty and as the U.S. heads into 2021 under President-elect Joe Biden, the next four years could prove crucial to the country’s ability to not only stay competitive in the autonomous vehicle race, but...

*Frost&Sullivan, ** National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Terranet’s vision is less road deaths and debilitating traffic accidents.