Sustainability, urbanization, and digitalization is fundamentally changing our societies. These global megatrends both enable and increase the demand for smart and efficient traffic safety solutions, and Terranet is well positioned to become a key player in the field.

1. Strong underlying trends support product demand

Today, 40% of all fatal traffic accidents occur in urban areas1. With its ultra-fast responsiveness, Terranet’s proprietary sensor technology is purposely designed to ensure a safer road environment for pedestrians, cyclists, and other vulnerable road users in dense and varied traffic. Urban traffic is becoming increasingly complicated as populations grow and transportation is diversifying with the rise of micro mobility, autonomous driving, and electric vehicles (EVs). Our technology is highly suitable for EVs and autonomous vehicles, enabling it to become an essential safety component in tomorrow’s vehicle fleet.

2. Part of the rapidly growing global ADAS market

Systems and technologies that support better and safer driving is one of the fastest growing segments in the automotive industry. Driven by new safety recommendations and the rapid development of technology intensive and connected vehicles, the ADAS market is poised for a 150% growth from 2020 to 2025, reaching an anticipated market size of $84 billion in 20252. Moreover, governments throughout the US, EU and China have increasingly started to push for autonomous vehicle regulation and standardization to improve road safety, easing the path for integrating Terranet’s technology across the ADAS and automotive sectors.

3. Game-changing technology with a wide range of applications

Terranet is primarily focused on the automotive industry and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) sector, but our sensor technology has potential to create value in a wide range of areas. In addition to cars, Terranet’s technology can improve the safety of urban mobility solutions such as scooters, e-bikes and drones. It can also add value in other types of intelligent transport systems, including mines, warehouses, and theme parks. A promising example is Terranet’s collaboration with Extended Reality (ER) entertainment company holoride, which explores how the technology can be applied to enrich the experience of holoride’s ER-based interactive passenger entertainment systems. Terranet also has a 10,5% ownership in holoride.

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