When something unexpected happens in traffic, the blink of an eye could mean the difference between life and death. With a super-human rapid 4D vision technology, BlincVision scans the area in front of the vehicle and reacts faster than in 10 milliseconds when an object is detected on the road. BlincVision can detect moving objects up to ten times faster, and interpret their shape and motion with greater precision, than any other ADAS vision system today. With the ability to distinguish between a child and a ball on the road, BlincVision will protect pedestrians from getting hurt and drivers from making fatal mistakes.


4D scanning lets BlincVision detect all objects and motion patterns in real time, regardless if it’s day or night, in blinding light or a snowstorm.


With a laser scanner and sensors at the vehicle, BlincVision reacts to objects and movement lightning-fast and with close-to-zero delay.


SLAM algorithms give BlincVision an extremely precise positioning, with simultaneous localisation and tracking in ultra high resolution and at voxel speed.

How it works

BlincVision combines laser scanning, event cameras, and advanced vision software to generate real time 4D images of road objects. BlincVision is based on Terranet’s patented VoxelFlow-Technology.

The area in front of the car is scanned in high-speed with multiple lasers beams. The event sensors capture the reflected laser beams within a range up to 30 meters and analyze both the shape and movement of objects with ultra-low latency.

BlincVision reduces the stop distance

If an object is detected, the system reacts faster than in 10 milliseconds to avert the potentially dangerous situation, for example by braking or dodging. This can be compared to a minimal reaction time of 300 and more milliseconds with other ADAS. In a critical traffic situation, this would translate to the car reacting within ~10 centimeters when driving at a speed of 70 kph. With traditional ADAS technology, the vehicle would have kept rolling almost six more meters before the Automatic Emergency Braking system would have been activated. In many cases, those few meters determine whether an accident becomes fatal or not – especially in urban environments with dense traffic and lots of vulnerable cyclists and pedestrians.

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Product video of BlincVision

See video describing the technology behind BlincVision and the product advantages

With lightning-fast 4D technology, Terranet’s BlincVision system laser scans a radius of 30 meters in front of the vehicle and reacts faster than in 10 milliseconds when an object is detected on the road – up to ten times faster than today’s ADAS

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