BlincVision reacts faster than the blink of an eye

BlincVision is based on Terranets VoxelFlow-technology. Lightning-fast sensor technology and laser scanning let the car understand what’s in front of it and act for you – within ten milliseconds. That saves lives. You save lives.

Shareholder letter, June 2022

Göran Janson, acting CEO, shares an update on the development of the company’s anti-collision system BlincVision.

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Business Model

Terranet’s business idea is to develop technical solutions for advanced driver assistance and self-driving vehicles, primarily for vehicle manufacturers, subcontractors and other actors in transportation and mobility services.

The business model is based on Terranet’s solutions being sold as licenses to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and Tier-1 suppliers that supply components to OEMs in the automotive industry. Besides licensing revenues, sales may also create revenue from product customization as well as service and upgrades.

Strategy & Objectives

Terranet focuses primarily on the development of BlincVision, a system for advanced driver assistance for motorized vehicles, based on three-dimensional image analysis. BlincVision complements currently available ADAS technologies such as radar, lidar and cameras in dense urban environments where margins are very small.

BlincVision is based on VoxelFlow™, a new patented lightning-fast vision sensor technology. Terranet has an exclusive global license to develop and market VoxelFlow™ towards the automotive industry. BlincVision is under development and aims to be commercialized over the next few years. The product development is managed through close collaboration with leading actors in the software and hardware development industry.

The VoxelFlow™ technology could be implemented in a variety of vehicles. In addition to cars, motorcycles and electric scooters may also be relevant. It also has great potential to create value in other types of intelligent transport systems, such as in mines, warehouses, and theme parks. However, today Terranet’s focus is to develop and market BlincVision towards the automotive industry, primarily in Europe and the US, as it is considered to hold the greatest commercial potential.

Financial calendar

Terranet follows the recommendation to apply silent periods and thus does not organize meetings with the press, media, investors, analysts and other capital market participants over a period of 30 days before the publication of a quarterly report. The company responds only to questions of a general nature during the silent period.

February 24th – Year-end report 2021

April 7th – Annual Report 2021 published

April 28th – AGM 2022

May 12th – Interim report January – March 2022

August 18th – Interim report January – June 2022

November 17th – Interim report January – September 2022

February 23rd 2023 – Year-end report 2022

Investor relations

Thomas Falkenberg

Phone: +46 703 360 346

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