The company’s very first patent was filed in 2004, a technical solution with a vision to improve communications in developing countries with desolate environments . At the time, TerraNet initiated partnerships with both network operators and mobile manufacturers, including Huawei, Sony and India’s Tata DoCoMo in order to test and develop the most optimal commercial applications for our technology. Today, the company’s vision is to enable an uninterrupted user experience for everyone regardless of internet connectivity.

Several years of research and development resulted in the launch of new Wi-Fi standards such as 802.11S and Wi-Fi AwareTM, which TerraNet’s software platform is built around. The Wi-Fi AwareTM standard was first launched by the Wi-Fi Alliance in 2015 and adopted by Google in the 2017 Android O MR1 release.   The standardization accelerated the growing interest for the company and our technology.

Today TerraNet is uniquely positioned with patented software algorithms that allow intelligent machine-to-machine communication and streaming of data including bandwidth-high-definition media completely independent of mobile networks or other hotspot-dependent networks.

The company’s other focus market is on IoT, Internet of Things, the collective term for the development of devices with small chips and processors that enables communication between machines. The industry is expected to grow rapidly and analysts estimate that the spread of IoT devices will increase to well over 30 billion connected devices by 2020.

In short

We are:

  • World leading software company within Proximal connectivity
  • Listed on Nasdaq North First OMX Sweden
  • 33 employees located at Ideon Science Park, Lund, Sweden
  • Design partner for Qualcomm
  • Members of the 5G Automotive Association
  • Members of WiFi-Allliance

Do you have questions?

Please send all questions and requests to info@terranet.se. We are doing our best to answer as fast as we can.


Ola Samuelsson is the CEO of Terranet and has over 15 years’ experience in technology and product development in both cellular and non-cellular domains, having led engineering teams at Sony Mobile, Sigma Connectivity, and most recently, as Head of Engineering at Terranet.

Ola’s dynamic experience in the industry has led him to develop and productize connectivity-based technologies spanning across a wide spectrum of industries ranging from automotive, industrial IoT to wearables. He has also worked in Tokyo, Japan, where he led cross-functional and multicultural teams through complex projects.

As a lifetime engineer, avid pilot, and former Swedish coastal ranger, Ola is motivated by Terranet’s potential to play a formative role in accelerating the world’s progression towards a decentralized network system through the company’s unique technologies in V2X, phone-to-phone and machine-to-machine segments.

Ola holds a Master’s of Science in Electrical Engineering from the Lund Institute of Technology and is a husband to Vanja, CEO of Qoitech and father to Gabriel (6yo) and Iris (1yo). In his free time, Ola enjoys flying airplanes and running.


Ola Samuelsson


Anna Gallon is an experienced senior executive and CFO with a record from entrepreneurial environments as well as establish corporations. Anna Gallon has a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from Lund University.

Anna has a background from auditing and has held several positions within finance in different industries including the energy sector. Anna is the former CFO at Hövding Sverige AB.


Anna Gallon


Andrew Jue

SVP Product Strategy

Andrew Jue, born in 1966, has experience from several leadership positions within the tech industry on an international level and is based in Silicon Valley. Andrew is a former Marketing Director at Broadcom and have had leadership positions at Metta Technology, Mediamatics, National Semiconductor and others.

Andrews possesses expertise in wireless communications and multimedia technologies. He has proven success in the deployment of  DVD, Blu-ray, Digital TV and WiFi technologies into the consumer segment. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Santa Clara University and is an avid tennis player and fisherman.


Christina Björnström

SVP Marketing

Experienced international business leader with strong background in entrepreneurship and marketing. Formerly, the Executive Director of the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce New England,

Christina comes with experience in tech startups, social enterprise, investigative journalism, and MBA admissions consulting. Educated at the University of Essex and Harvard University.