Multimedia Services

Multimedia Services

Serving the offline community

Running out of data is like running ouf of fuel, 77% of global mobile phone users run that risk. This high depency on pre-paid phone subscriptions drives mobile operators and multimedia companies towards data trading, emergency back-up bundels, offline phone to phone payment solutions and offline HD video streaming services. We can provide these solutions.

GriDD is our data surplus sharing service/app through which users with surplus in data can transfer / sell this to others directly.


Together with one of our partners we have launched a mobile movie streaming App in India based on MeshMedia on Google Play, called TOneFlix. With TOneFlix downloaded one can stream videos in full HD between two or more mobile devices without connectivity to Wi-Fi or 3G / LTE.

Other Use Cases

Other GriDD use cases include: an offline device-to-device payment solution and pre-paid emergency back-up data solutions. Another MeshMedia example is an educative platform where a teacher can stream a lecture to students in a museum, class room or on a field trip.

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