Industrial IoT

Industrial Iot

Smarter software is key in enabling the best possible flow and efficient connectivity.

McKinsey estimates that the impact of IoT on the global economy could amount to USD6.2trn by 2025 .The increase in IoT products will increase network and communication demands. Through our platform and engineering services we can provide the required intelligent machine-to-machine communication and connectivity software.

Together with the leading global provider of passive and active automotive safety we are creating a Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) based vehicle-to-vechicle (V2V) communications system. The technology is a crucial missing link between car sensors that suffer from nearby blind spots due to buildings, vehicles and other objects in its way. Whilst GPS signals are weak, slow and especially in urban environments suffer from inaccuracy. 

We are implementing mesh-technology software into the chipsets of industrial headsets. Using IEEE 802.11S MESH and Wi-Fi Aware™ protocols enables users to locate each other better via relative positioning and speak to each other in duplex conversations whilst offline with low battery usage and low latency. Multi-hop technology can expand the reach of the network by up to two kilometres. The technology can enable both peer-to-peer and peer-to-multi-peer communication.

Other Use Cases

Other use cases include: Communications for boat platooning, video streaming for military headsets, 2 way communication for scanners used by law enforcement officers, remote mobile health and diagnostics and Wi-Fi network improvement.

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