TerraNet Platform

TerraNet Platform

Our 3 step modular platform and engineering services provides bespoke software solutions for next generation intelligent machine-to-machine communication and connectivity.


The modules (different algorithms in combinations with the communications protocols) are used to created bespoke software solutions that address customer specific needs.

Communication Protocol

TerraNet’s platform and algorithms mainly use 2 protocols: 

  • IEEE 802.11s Mesh Networking
  • Wi-Fi Aware™ Discovery and Data Link


TerraNet’s algorithms achieve tasks such as power efficiency, faster discovery of devices low latency, multi-hop, multi-stream, relative positioning.

TerraNet software can work with the following radio-link technologies:

  • Wi-Fi Aware™ Discovery and Data Link
  • Wi-Fi Direct™ and IBSS
  • Bluetooth Smart
  • IEEE 802.11s Mesh
  • LTE Direct

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