About Our Technology

We provide a 3 step modular software platform for intelligent machine-to-machinecommunication and connectivity.

Based on this platform, we have developed unique solutions for our customers which include leading global microchip,mobile operator and multimedia distribution companies as well as OEM suppliers into the automotive and manufacturing industries. After years of intensive development we can provide a modular software platform that uses proprietary patented algorithms in combination with breakthrough communications protocols (802.11s and Wi-Fi Aware™). Thanks to our expertise and vast experience in Wi-Fi mesh networking, we were actively involved with the development of the new Wi-Fi Aware™ standard.”

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Adressing customer needs

Today’s standard technology has limitations because of dependency on hot spots to be able to communicate with each other. In addition, the networks become overloaded if many users are connected simultaneously. Standard technology often does not live up to the demands and expectations with regards to power consumption and performance. Together we identify the problems, opportunities, needs and how our bespoke solutions can adress these.


The combination of TerraNet’s algorithms with the Wi-Fi Aware™ and Mesh Networking communications protocols provide software connectivity solutions with: Higher power efficiency / lower latency / faster discovery of nearby devices, smarter connections for moving devices a.o.

Device-to-device networks without originating device required to stay online. Being able to stream HD data to multiple devices independent of cellular network or hotspots. Significantly higher data transfer capibility and the ability to provide continous Proximal Awareness and better relative positioning

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