Share Information

Share Information

TerraNet Holding AB (publ) has two classes of shares. Series A and B shares. Each Series A share entitles the holder to two (2) votes and each Series B share entitles the holder to one (1) vote at the Annual General Meeting.

TerraNet Holding AB’s shares (B-shares) are traded on Nasdaq First North Premier.
The ticker symbol is TERRNT B and the ISIN-code B-share is: SE0009806045

First day for trading on Nasdaq First North Premier will be on 30th May, 2017.
Certified Adviser from May 30, 2017

FNCA Sweden AB
Box 5807
102 48 Stockholm

Conversion provision

According to the Articles of Association, shares of series A are eligible for conversion to shares of series B, beginning 360 days after the company´s shares have been listed for trading. Following below is an excerpt from the Articles of Association;

7. Conversion of A-shares
 Following 360 days after an initial public offering of the company’s shares at a regulated market or any other trading platform shares of class A may be converted to shares of class B. Owners of shares of class A may, during January, April and October each year (“Conversion periods”), demand that all or a part of the shares of class A be converted into shares of class B. Such request of conversion shall be made in writing and have reached the company’s board of directors no later than the last day of each of the Conversion periods. Whereby the number of shares of class A that should be converted shall be stated.

The board of directors shall at the end of each Conversion period address the issue on conversion. Thereafter, the board of directors shall immediately submit a notification to the Companies Registration Office for the registration of the conversion. The conversion is executed at the time for registration and when it has been noted in the Central Securities Depositary Register.

By reason of the above, the Board of Directors of TerraNet Holding AB now would like to ask any holder of A-shares who wishes to convert his or her shares, demand their bank to submit a request for conversion to Eminova by latest April 30 at 16h00, on behalf of the shareholder. Conversion of the shares is then eligible commencing May 25, which is 360 days after the first day of trading.

Please note that it is not compulsary to convert Your A-shares. The A-shares has the advantage of giving their holders twice the number of votes of the B-shares. Furthermore, an eventual conversion may be requested henceforth, during the respective Periods of Conversion.

Please click below to download the form for conversion: