Ph.D Scholarship

Ph.D Scholarship:

TerraNet Industrial Ph.D Program in Connected vehicles

Cooperative vehicle-to-vehicle systems, where vehicles share information and cooperate to avoid collisions, increase traffic flows, and reduce fuel consumption and gas emissions, is a key enabler for the future of the automotive industry.

Many vehicle-to-vehicle safety applications require relative positioning accuracy of decimetre, with an refresh update rate of 10 Hz. Such requirements cannot be met using direct navigation systems, such as GPS, or differential positioning techniques.

This Ph.D program aims at developing and providing new positioning solutions that fulfil the positioning accuracy needed to improve cooperative vehicle-to-vehicle safety. The Ph.D candidate is expected to develop theoretical models that can be simulated using simulation techniques, and that can be directly validated in an industrial context.

The position is sponsored by a joint research project between TerraNet AB and Lund Technical University, under the supervision of Professor Fredrik Tufvesson.

The work will result in a licentiate and doctoral thesis at Lund University, Lund.

Required qualifications:

Master degree corresponding to at least 240 higher education credits or equivalent in a relevant field of Electrical Engineering, Automatic Control, Mathematics Engineering, Computer Science or Physics Engineering

Good knowledge in Wireless Communication and Statistical Methods.

Good knowledge in wireless communication protocol evaluation and investigation

Good knowledge in Wi-Fi technology

Experience with experimental measurement equipment

Experience in programming, e.g. C, C++ or Java

Fluent in English, both oral and written

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

About TerraNet

TerraNet is a forward thinking mobile technology company with R&D facility in Lund, Sweden and sales offices in USA, Asia, Europe and India. TerraNet offers a Wi-Fi AwareTM proximity and connectivity based solutions to help partners provide implement cutting edge user experiences in their product portfolio and help them accelerate commercial deployment.


Applications must be submitted via email to TerraNet’s career centre: Application deadline is 30 September 2016.

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