Android Framework Developer

Job Title: Android Framework Developer

Location: Lund, Sweden

Type: Full Time

About TerraNet

TerraNet is a forward thinking mobile technology company with R&D facility in Lund, Sweden and sales offices in USA, Asia, Europe and India. TerraNet offers a WiFi-Aware proximity and connectivity based solutions to help partners provide implement cutting edge user experiences in their product portfolio and help them accelerate commercial deployment.

Job Summary

TerraNet is looking for a motivated engineer to help further develop and maintain our proprietary proximity and connectivity SDK.

Job Description & Qualifications

We are seeking an experienced self-oriented engineer who can contribute into developing our proprietary Android proximity and Connectivity SDK. As an Android developer, you are required to design, architect, and integrate new technologies, feature requests as well as code and debug problematic code. You will work with a small team to create and provide an easy-to-use framework for the developer community to help them focus on creating unique proximity and connectivity user experience for consumers.

Your main responsibilities and tasks:

• Be part of a multi-disciplinary innovative team to design unique and appealing proximity and connectivity user experiences that truly change people’s conception of their mobile devices.

• Develop creative proximity and connectivity technical solutions, and implement designs with the utmost attention to details.

• Develop new features, maintain existing code, debugging and bug fixing.

• Performance analysis, measurement, and tuning will also be part of your responsibilities.

• Document source code and work with other teams to define new features.

• Provide guidance and mentor less experienced engineers.

Key qualifications and experience:

• 5+ years of industry experience

• In-depth knowledge of the Android SDK, development environment and tools.

• In-depth Knowledge of the Android Framework, particularly connectivity: wifi and bluetooth.

• Proficient in Java, C++ development.

• Working with C/C++ multithreading and integrating to Java via JNI calls.

• Good knowledge of troubleshooting complex OS and Applications issues.

• Experience with agile development methodologies.

• Experience in test-driven design and development.

• Experience with git, gerrit and integration tools in general.

• Experience with network analysis tools like wireshark is a merit

• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Additional Requirements

• Documented open source work with own developed sample code in github is considered a great advantage.

• Experience with porting Applications from Android to iOS and vice-versa is consideredto be a merit.

• Knowledge of the IEEE 802.11 protocols, such as 802.11s and 802.15.4 is considered

to be a merit.

Application Submission

Please submit your application no later than 30th September 2016. Applications should include curriculum vitae, resume and sent to

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